Why Fractional?

Fractional ownership combines the benefits of a second home with the amenities and ease of a luxury hotel.

Experience the ultimate in Parisian living, your own pied-à-terre in the heart of the city, the smart way. Fractional ownership not only makes owning a piece of Paris possible, but it's also a sound investment model:

  • Real Ownership: You don't simply own a few weeks of usage time, you are an equity owner. Fractional Paris offers prestigious properties with two ownership options. Your shares guarantee you the right to use the property for either 4 or 10 weeks a year - in perpetuity.
  • Investment Quality: Your fractional ownership property offers strong appreciation potential because we only offer distinctive properties in highly desirable locations. All of our offerings have been carefully selected for unique features that set them apart from the standard market fare - whether that be an exceptional view, an amazing location, or rare outdoor space.
  • Cost Effective: With fractional ownership you share initial and ongoing costs with your fellow co-owners, allowing you to enjoy your vacation home in Paris to the fullest with fewer headaches and less out-of-pocket expense.
  • Property Management: A professional property manager handles the ongoing bills, taxes and maintenance, ensuring that your investment is worry free.
  • Luxury Concierge Services: All of Fractional Paris' properties are serviced by a renowned full-service concierge company. Let someone else make dinner reservations or book theatre tickets. Why not pamper yourself by requesting a massage or a manicure? With fractional ownership, you can enjoy the services of a luxury hotel right in your own home.
  • Diversification:Worried about a weak dollar? Fractional ownership in Paris offers a euro-based investment with less capital outlay than buying an apartment on your own.
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