Next steps for investors

Because owning a share in a fractional ownership property is quite different from traditional ownership, it isn’t right for everyone. When we form an ownership group, we are asking our co-owners to commit to sharing a major asset. With that comes expectations and responsibilities that need to be met by us, each investor and fellow co-owners. We want to be sure that everything is clear from the start, so that expectations are consistently met.

If you are interested in learning more about our properties in Paris, please complete the fractional ownership inquiry form to request additional information. You can also read answers to frequently asked questions about fractional ownership in Paris.


For traditional fractional ownership buyers, there is no mortgage in place. However, US-based lender, First Again, offers loans of up to $100,000 at very competitive rates for our fractional properties. In addition, prospective buyers would be wise to investigate a home equity line of credit on their primary residence or a loan on other sole-owned vacation property, which may offer attractive terms and a larger loan amount.

Real Estate Agents, let us know if fractional ownership is right for your clients.

We welcome inquiries by investment advisors and/or real estate agents on behalf of their clients.

Fractional Paris. The smart way to own property in Paris.


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